The Preschool's goals encompass the following areas:

1. to give each child many opportunities to work and play cooperatively in a group.
2. to teach the child to act and think for him/herself.
3. to provide opportunities to work with a variety of materials for fostering creative expression.
4. to help the child feel a real sense of belonging and acceptance.
5. to teach the child how to live happily and harmoniously with others.
6. to help the child manifest some degree of self-discipline and self-control.
7. to help the child develop motor control and manual dexterity.
8. to provide a positive first school experience for the child.
9. to expose the child to developmentally appropriate cognitive skills.

Polliwogs- 2 year olds
The Polliwogs class is for children that are 2 years old.
It meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12.
Polliwog children learn through play and also learn to be part of a classroom and follow school rules and routines.

Tadpoles- 3 year olds
The Tadpoles class is for children that are 3 years old.
It meets on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9-12.
Tadpole children also learn through play and other child/teacher directed activities.  They learn to be part of a group and participate in a structured day.

Frogs- 4 year olds
The Frog class is for children that are 4 years old.
It meets Monday-Friday from 9-12.
The Frogs are taught using a theme based curriculum as well as opportunities to learn Spanish.  They learn through play and small group activities that include hands-on learning in math, science, literacy, music, art and Spanish language.  The Frog class also focuses on kindergarten readiness skills.