Presbyterian Preschool
Established in 1966
Presbyterian Preschool empowers students by offering the finest educational experiences to encourage growth emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, and intellectually in an environment of love and acceptance. We strive to provide a positive first school experience.
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Presbyterian Preschool
310 S. University Ave.
Carbondale, Il 62901
Phone: (618) 529-1264

Our Philosophy
The First Presbyterian Church Carbondale established this preschool in the belief that multicultural heritages and a wide variety of social and educational experiences provide a great stimulus to the growth of a child's mind and character. Our preschool offers children objectives they can handle successfully and social situations into which they can learn to fit comfortably.  The child who has experienced success in preschool can enter the larger world of school and community with self-confidence. We believe that the experience of preschool will be more valuable if we can bring together children of different backgrounds.  We hope school parents will actively support these principles outside the School and will join us in seeking new ways to implement them.  The school operates within the Christian community, and our intention is to offer an atmosphere and program which expresses the insights and heritage of the Christian faith. We also celebrate traditions of other faiths and cultures so that each child may develop an appreciation of all people.

October 7, 2015
Picture Day for Frogs and Tadpoles

October 8, 2015
Picture day for P​​​​olliwogs

October 9, 2015 - ​​October 12, 2015
No school Fall Break

October 15 / 16, 2015 
Free Archway Developmental Screening​​​ for students

October 15, 2015
Presbyterian Preschool ​​​Board meeting 7:00 pm

October 19, 2016
Field Trip to Bandy's Pumpkin Patch  for Frogs and Tadpoles​​​

October 28, 2015
Halloween Party and Sing for the Frogs and Tadpoles

October 29, 2015
Halloween Class Party for the Polliwogs​​

October 30, 2015
​No School


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